Goddesses Place designed for the discerned gentleman seeking unrestrained indulgence in sensual pleasures.

Firmly established in a private and yet highly up-market venue, situated in Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria. Goddesses Place is regarded as one of South Africa’s day spa.  We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and high quality service.

Goddesses Place not only exceed in bringing sensuality to a higher level of consciousness but also responsibility for our clients in this fast-paced society. Our clientele are gentlemen whom understand sensuality as a type of relaxation therapy and know where to draw the line.

Our therapist known as Goddesses is expertly and fully trained in the arts of professional full body massage.  We also offer sensual massage and sensual relief; incorporating a few tantric techniques.

Our goddesses will help you open yourselves up to new experiences you may have never known before.

Our mission at Goddesses Place is to escort our honourable clients to the most bodily and revitalizing experience that will free your body and mind with the most exclusive, adept therapists in the sensual massage industry of South Africa. The therapists at Goddesses Place will not offer any other services other than the above mentioned. Allow yourself to be entranced into a world of euphoria and grace.

If client should suffer from any skin conditions or any other conditions, it is advised to consult with Goddesses Place’s therapist before booking.

Secure an appointment at South Africa’s premier day spa, regardless of your desires; be it escorts or full-body sensual massages! You will be spoiled from head to toe.